Things I Want To Do


  1. Cosplay. Enma Ai, Arturia Pendragon, Yui Hirasawa, and Freyja Wion Windermere. I’d love to try them all.
  2. Swim in a swimming pool. For the whole week, day and night. If not a week, three days would do. Even f it is just for a day, as long it is for the whole day.
  3. Paint more walls. Paid or not, I just want to continuously paint walls.
  4. Wall Climbing. The one thing I want to try every time I see people in a sports suit.
  5. Master some recipes from around the world. It does not have to be everything, it just has to be some special recipes.
  6. Teach French Parenting at the same time doing it to my kids. Cause their way of raising their children are way better than any other countries. Once perfected and shared their ways, I believe that I have raised good men for the future.
  7. travel writing with income. That is my current dream job.
  8. Build a house studio in Paris. I have always wanted a house studio in my local area (Baguio City), but if it seems impossible, I’d love to build it in Paris. It may not be unique as many house studios reside there, but at least I can call it “mine”.
  9. Archery. I tried and failed and now I want to conquer it by mastering its art. “The Art of Archery” and how Robin Hood stole from the rich. Aww, I love that!
  10. Publish a book in 30 languages. I want to publish a book of y own, of course, after the IPMS Local Magazine. And then I want it to be translated into 30 languages and sold all over the world. (Yeah, big dream. Paulo Coelho level dream)
  11. Travel. Thailand, Hawaii, Japan. This year, hoping to go out of the country.
  12. Collect Saber figurines. Because I really love Fate Stay Night.



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