Pizza, KitKat, & Childhood

12″ Designer Pizza from Pizza by Hygge Cafe. (I chose the ingredients)

What a day! As I have said, in my mind, before: what happens on a Monday happens for the rest of the week. It may not be the same events but it gives off the same emotions. 
So on a Tuesday I was scared and doubtful of someone’s actions. I helped someone choose a suit. I ran from SM to Maharlika for the sake of Haro. I ate pizza with friends. I got 2 Kit-Kat bars. I stayed for childhood memories of people I now care alot about. 

I go along and I get green jokes, yes that would be normal as I have experienced acquaintances who jokes that way. But when someone does it and says things in a way that it doesn’t sound like a joke, then it isn’t funny anymore. No matter how I respect you and no matter how close we are, I can’t take your words as a joke. And, no matter how I care about my “being always there” for whatever you say, I cannot go because I feel scared. Haha. So, am sorry.

I find men’s fashion fun and a good diversion from brain stressed to eye stress. And it happens on the right time that when am brain stressed, meaning when am bothered by useless drama, I get kidnapped or I become occupied by choosing what should men wear on different occassions. Harhar.

my second haro, for frrreeeeeee~!!!

And then here comes a friend who wants to bully me by telling me he’s on his way home but if I like to get the Haro, then I have 30 minutes or less to go to Maharlika for it. If not, I’d have to pay the Haro. Wow. Just wow. What’d you expect? Of course I rode a cab. Traffic jam, I got down halfway and ran. Who cares if my body hurts like hell? I just did. I arrived almost a minute late. He laughed, as expected. Hahaha.
I went to White Base to deliver some droppers and eat pizza. Sadly, the person who should have a slice wasn’t around and there were a lot of people. So, hello to “give way, high way” mode. Haha. 

Kit-kat for fffrrrreeeeee~~!!!

Kit-Kat!!! I am not a chocolate person. But on special occassions, I tend to munch on them like a happy kid jumping over candies. When things go wrong or when I badly need a hug. Lucky me, the timing is always right. I even got two Kit-Kat bars!!! Bahaha.
Childhood memories. Of people way older than me. Three men talked about games they played as a kid. Like spiders in an apartment match box then goes to the ring for a fight; text games; running and climbing and jumping; stealing teachers’ chalks; playing stones; chinese garters; jolens; and a lot more. I sat there, as ignorant as I am, thinking “what have I been doing as a kid?” Okay, okay. As they describe some of the games, I might have seen some school mates playing them, I just don’t know what it was called. And the reason I know nothing about such games? I was raised in a “box”, metaphorically speaking. 

If I only had the guts to cry about it, I would have asked my mom why I was so distant to the world, why have I lived in a box, like she always said lately. But I don’t have the guts to cry or complain about it. All I can think about now is that I’d want to try some of those games. My gosh. At my age? Wanting to play? Not in a million years, but yes, just in my mind. Maybe that’s okay. Haha.

I went home. With a lot of questions in my head. But I felt so ecstatic. Again, mixed up emotions. Happy but meh. Excited and curious. Partly sad about pizza and childhood but learned a lot. For me, the day was memorable. Yeah I know, sorry for the drama. I just have this thing for making things dramatic. Aaaand, I am awake at 2am of Wednesday, typing about Tuesday, excited about what Wednesday is all about.


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