Console Thy Soul, Accept it All

Went out to console a friend. While waiting, I dropped by at some stores to choose a change of outfits for future formal meetings. Listed a few chic dresses and fancy pants then went to search for some goody heels at Payless. Am a regular there so better yet get my everythin from there. Harhar.

Kwentuhan lunch with the BonChon Queen, @iamjennypur. Thaaaaaank u, Jen! 😀 #stressdebriefing #bonchon #bonchonchicken #bibimbowl #bonchonbibimfun #mix #chicken #meal #lunch #foodphotography #food #colors

A post shared by KJ Bumahit (@kibincosme) on Mar 21, 2017 at 10:32pm PDT


Had lunch at BonChon, my fave go-to-lunch for comfort food and whatnot. I eat there to destress and hide myself from the world (how when it’s not that hidden of a place? Idunno, the food  I guess?). I went there today to listen to a friend, catch up with life, and to hide myself. I originally planned to shut up and just listen and not make it about me and my little galaxy. With just the mention of someone, the table turned around. I heard myself talking about what’s happening with me lately. And I couldn’t stop. But if I stop it immediately, I could have cried. I avoid eye-contact when, you know, I don’t really want to talk about something and am caught up in the middle of the conversation, feeling trapped and scared. And I really wanted to cry since morning.

One way for me to destress is listening to you and your problems. That way, I wouldn’t think much about my own stresses. I would be too into what you’re saying and less thinking of me. (But I ruined it, didn’t I? 😦 )

My grey sweatsuit under the heat of a Dagupan-like sun is not helping at all. Walked to Bayanihan Heritage Library but it’s closed so just roamed around the Ukay-Ukay haven. Looked for kits and bags with strap pockets but to no avail. Then off to the city library but stopped for a quick fishcake and I don’t know what the noodles wrapped in nori was called (with added hotdog inside 😂). Brushed my hand through the books, flipped some artsy literatures and sat down before I enjoy the books and forget about my friend who’s focused on his laptop. Walked to El Cielito to get cash in a flash and went to Teachers’ Camp.

Ohhh, the silence, the breeze, and a network marketing seminar was being heard from a near hall. Walked through and through.

Rode a jeepney back to town. If I was to walk another mile, I think I won’t make it. Hahahaha! But it was a great walking trip day!

I listed a lot of new food establishments to try for some other day~! 😁

As I bid farewell I also apologized. I was like a kid today. My intentions of consoling a friend turned upside down and I don’t even know if that friend enjoyed my company or not. Bahaha. First time to question myself. haha.

P.S. I told ya, what happens on a Monday, happens for the rest of the week. lol.


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