None: The Sense of Nothingness

I spent the day like a lazy bug crouched on the sofa with layers of blankets and a very thick comforter. The kids ran around the house from here to forth and I occasionally fell asleep as if no one is around. I can still prepare food for them but I can’t eat. I hate myself for being sick. I am not productive for the day. After lunch they took a nap and I am left to my thoughts…

So this is how it feels to do nothing at all. This is how it feels to think about everything, anything, and nothing at the same time. Wow. I wonder if the people who’s used to this kind of nothingness ever gets bored. I wonder if those people ever thought of changing their ways? I guess not. If they have then their label “nothing” would be of no use anymore. But somehow there is a sense in this nothingness. A moment where you find peace and clarity. Where your thoughts drift to things that matters and you’ll be able to see the importance of doing nothing even for just a day. Isn’t that what “Day Off”s are for? For the employed people? But when you have a day off, you still need to do things you cannot and weren’t able to do during your work days. Like laundry, or a pile of dishes, or a date. We always make time for other people. But I wish you would also consider doing nothing at all. Lying down on the bed, on the floor, staring at a distance, not answering calls, not replying to any messages, and saying no to everybody. Try that and you will see that there is a laughable sense in nothingness. 

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