I have been better like peanut butter jelly on loaf always come with honey and lemon tea. And though I don’t know the connection I still said those out loud just because it sounded nonesense at the same time it’s cute. 

I had been summuned for an emergency meeting only to come home with more homework to do. Mixed up feelings like nervousness and excitement, raising heart beats due to panic and happiness, I become too overwhelmed to face the “now”. Why do I get the feeling that I am being played at,leaving me some tasks for the big day with the kits am rushing on my plate while they are all relaxed and together having a nonesense I don’t even know what to call it?? 

I grit my teeth as I learn about this and my fists are gettin ready for a fight. But I breathe deep and I closed my eyes and told myself: There are better days for you and for me and this day will not be the day that I go complaining about tasks when in the first place I accepted without question. 


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