Good Afternoon Rambles

Hello, June! Rainy days started early in May but I want to accept the annoying rain officially on June. Just because. Har har. I envy those who are having their summer right now, as I have skipped and missed it a dozen times. I haven’t touched a drop of water from the swimming pool and that sucks, man! But anyways, how have you all been doing? How’s S-U-M-M-E-R? And what have you been up to lately?

American Gods
American Gods

I know, I know, I have been M.I.A. recently. I’ve been preoccupied with events, mixed up thoughts, and endless marathon of Mozart in the Jungle and American Gods which is ongoing. This is what happens when you cannot control your emotions and thoughts that you end up watching endlessly instead of writing and being productive.

Mozart in the Jungle
Mozart in the Jungle

Oh, it was my first time to touch and hold a…I don’t know what they call it…joystick? The one you use for PS 4? Sorry, I don’t really know. But yeah, it was my first time and I played like hell. I got addicted! Fighting. Hmmm…Naruto? You know…that feeling when you’re fighting with a real opponent and not A.I.? That feels so good. Stress-relieving PS 4 it was. I didn’t even care if I won or lost the fight cause I am enjoying what am looking at. Yes, I may have reacted every time I lose, but that’s automatic I mean hahaha. Been enjoying the losing part and some wins which is very few. hahaha. But all in all, it was great! Will I buy PS 4? Nah. Maybe not really. It was just a “calling” or it was just the “right moment” to get addicted to something and be distracted and apparently Stress relieving PS 4 was there for me.

Me vs. Shane and his PS 4

Shoot. Have I rambled that much? Anyways, ending this day with still, a lot of things to do and think about. Catch you up next time! 😀


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