Watching Sieg Sleep

I found this in one of my favorite notebooks. 😀

As I watch you sleep, I couldn’t help myself from smiling so wide. Your face is so peaceful that all I want to do is watch you. One day you’ll grow up and mature, you’ll be running away from me and play and maybe there’ll be less time for me to watch your peaceful face like this. So as early as now I just want to write every time I watch you sleep. There was one time when I first heard you snore–oh my! You’re just a baby and I got scared and I was in panic. But that’s just it. Your eyelashes are dazzling that you look like a girl. I hope you won’t turn into you know…bisexual..ahe. Another time I noticed your smile while your eyes are tightly closed. I know that you’ll be boastful with that smile of yours one day. 

— January 20, 2012



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