On Loneliness

Someone recently asked, “what do you do when you’re lonely?”

I would have answered,

“Why not ask me what I do when I’m happy? That way the list is shorter. I might even give you a sentence or two to explain it and you don’t have to sweat it.”

But of course I did not say that. Instead I said,

“When am lonely…i listen to metallic rock music or adele, sometimes I do write. Sometimes I draw. other times I go out alone and stay in a coffee shop,not wanting anybody to find me.”

…which is somehow the gist of it all. But let me tell you something on my mind right now. I don’t know if this is true or not, either way it’s what I am thinking as of this moment.

Lonesome People are different from Lonesome Souls.

When a person is lonely, that is just temporary. It is a feeling or an emotion formed by external factors and thus causing one to be lonely. And at times you see it right away. They sulk down or frown or weep or stay in silence for hours. Or other times you spot them staring into nothingness or they’re drinking endlessly from one bar to another. Although, this passes you by like rain on a hot summer day. It comes and goes and you’re gonna be fine in no time.

But a lonely soul goes way deeper than just a lonely individual. They are those who breathe sadness and drinks liquor like water. They’re the ones who cry alone in the dark not because they’re lonely but because it’s the only thing they know they can do to comfort themselves and that explaining it to people is as hard as anwering a question like “what do you when you’re lonely?” The question is, can you spot a lonely soul just by looking at the person? I think not. For they hide behind the wide hot curtain of the sun and lurks in cheerful warm smiles. And they always think and overthink. 

So maybe, the right question here is…

“What do you do when happiness visits you once in a while?” 🙂


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