Beer Stories: A Woman Who Cannot Handle Her Drink. 

“Give her a bottle of liquor and you’re doomed,” a brother said. “You will regret it so don’t ever ever let her drink even a sip,” he added. 

She laughed out loud. She was not aware of her actions and words with the influence of liquor. Irresponsible drinker, she would thought of herself. But it’s one thing she likes about herself: she can drink a full glass in one go and feels like she can still go for one more glass. 

She’s often surprised with the stories people tell about what she said and did. She laughs and takes it everything as a joke even if she knows how humiliated she feels inside. 

A brother asks, “Why do you drink it the way you drink it? Why don’t you listen to what we say and drink it slowly?” 

She laughs again. They’re furious with how she gulps a glass of liquor down to a full bottle. But again, she takes it as a joke. 

“I’m bored. I want people to get angry because they need it. Because they have to be angry. They need to let out their madness and there’s no better person than me to make them go wild with anger. So let me be and let them be. Let me stir up my lousy mouth and let me be the bad guy here. I can handle it even if I end up destroying myself.” She answered with a wide smile and laughs again.

“You’re insane,” the brother said.

She rolled her eyes and whispered, “I am a ‘Crazily-insane-lovely-lonesome’ person as what the man who knows me well, said one day where were having coffee.” Another laugh.

He shook his head. She touched his arm. “What?” He exclaimed. She laughed out loud. He shook his head again and started opening up about his problem. She was pissed because she does not want to hear anything right now so she stood up and went to the photographers’ table. 

A man was sitting there, looking at her blankly. She stared back in emptiness and begins to talk.

………to be continued.

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