Beer Stories (continued): Falling in Love with Photography and A Woman Who Cannot Handle Her Drink

She was pissed because she does not want to hear anything right now so she stood up and went to the photographers’ table. 

A man was sitting there, looking at her blankly. She stared back in emptiness and begins to talk.

“You alone?” she asked in a sleepy voice. The man nodded. “Goooood,” she said, smiling.

“You know why I sat here?” she started. “Because you have more sense than a bunch of drunkards in here…”  she continued without letting the man speak. Her eyes closed for a while and when she opened them there were others seated with her: one with spiky hair, a bald, and one medium long spiky hair and the three looked alike, like they were triplets; one with a pale face and kind eyes, another bald, and a woman shorter than her. They were all with their DSLRs and she looked at them one by one. She smirked. “You know why I chose you lot?” she asked again. They looked at each other and then at her. they shook their heads in unison. She laughed out loud. “It’s simple. I fell in love with Photography and you guys are Photographers. I don’t know how to use a DSLR but I love the feeling I have when am looking at good to great photographs. And you have more sense than the one over there…” she explained, pointing to the brother she left on the table near them. They laughed. She laughed with them until the brother she was pointing to was behind her with an angry look on his face. 

She saw the brother and laughed. She smiled widely at him. “Get up.  You’re coming with me,” he said in a low voice. She shook her and said, “no, not done talkin to ’em photographers. Love their ways,” she chuckled. The brother grabbed her arm when a man’s hand slapped the brother’s hand. “Move,” he ordered. She was startled.  The brother was surprised but did not  remove his grip on her arm. “She cannot handle her drink, man. She needs to go,” the brother whispered. The man who just arrived was wearing a coat and he removed the brother’s hand with force. She looked down in shame. She did not know what exactly was happening and what should she do at the moment. 

“No, stop meddling with her, leave her be…” was all she heard from the newcomer. 

She woke up and found herself in a strange room…

… be continued.

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