Strange Dream

sunset at Gallery Ergo One, by Kevin.

Strange dream! Haven’t dreamed for a long time now and when I did it surprised me!

A party is about to end, everyone is either sitting on couches or walking around. I’m slumped on a brown couch with my favorite friend and photographer. We were talking about something I cannot remember as it was vague. He was smiling, and I was laughing out loud as usual then some of our companions went to us and invited us to walk outside. We went out and walked with them. And then I saw the bay. Ohhh, that crystal clear water along with the breeze. I just want to sit there and watch the sunset. While walking towards it, he shouted, “Don’t go there! The waves are stronger at this hour!” But I still went. I sat on the shorelines with a Paulo Coelho book on hand. He was calling my name but I ignored. And then a big wave was coming. I couldn’t move. All I could do was stare at it while being so scared inside. I cannot escape this, I thought. I felt him grabbing me by the arm but we were still caught in the waves…

Then I woke up. The first thing that came to mind was…What were we talking about?

I told him about it and he posted this. Haha!


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