Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

Happy Monday, all! Wishing your weekends have been dazzling as I am back to my cheery old self. I mean not totally back, but slowly…slowly going back…to a cheery happy joyful side of me. Redundant it may seem but I don’t care. Anyways…

Like the birds in Orlando and the oddity of blue bars, my heart is indeed in harmony as of the moment. And the cause? I myself don’t know the root of it. But here I am typing away on a cold Monday morning, my head spinning with information overload, my fingers pressing hard on the keyboard due to intense cheerful mode. Does this mean I am going crazy? haha!

I miss this, honestly. Me being all positive and deleting negative thoughts right on. Like there is no place for negative things in me. Although I talk negatively at times, I admit, it is just to level the facts and my odd happy mood. If you encounter me in such sad state, worry not as I am only trying hard to keep the bursting happiness within. Weird and complicated, am I not? As usual.

And suddenly I accidentally find everything in the web as humorously poetic in a sense. Just like the sinfully irresistible post where your chocolate gives you a double meaning if you share and know how my mind works when it comes to green minded stuff. You might even think am perverted but I guess I was influenced by Zumba buddies I keep and Walter, my old buddy. Oh, and the Crooked Con Man is the funniest of them all! 😀

The Daily Post


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