If We Were Having Tea

Every time I see a teapot and a teacup I remember that one person who loves to drink tea. I have learned to love it like coffee and in which case I search for coffee shops who serve tea better than coffee. Ahhh, the aroma, seducing you like the smell of coffee beans from Starbucks. Now, it ain’t weekend yet for our coffee time stories so let me tell you about our tea time story.

If we were having tea, we’d be on an Indian seat position and we’d be laughing out loud. Your voice echoing on the corridors and we would be imagining that we are on a Japanese café when we’re just on an ordinary Filipino tea shop. Yes, your voice, the tea, the atmosphere. It is all connected and am like thinking in slow motion. It has always been like that for me. If we were having tea, we’d be sipping it slowly as we talk about nothing and everything at once. Your company is a blessing and your rolling eyes a luxury I can’t refuse. Our times may not always involve tea, but our conversations never leave the word aside. We have always been talking about tea one way or another and it makes me laugh at times when I am alone with a teacup on hand.

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