Be Naked With Your Friends


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My eldest sister once talked to me about friends and friendship. I was just a freshman then, a nobody who’s missing her high school friends and wanting to stick with the old faces instead of meeting new ones. The memory must be vague but her words were clear as ice.

“Why not go on an adventure? Why not meet new friends? New people? I’ll tell you this. When I graduated from high school, yes, I missed them at times but I reminded myself that I will forget all of my past: events, friends, acquaintances, and all about my past. Because I now graduated and I have to face a new life, a new face. You may keep them in your heart but never linger or you’ll be stuck there. Now I want you to answer this question: Do you have friends whom you can trust enough to take a bath with? whom you could go wild and naked with without malice? do you have friends whom you could share everything? like your soul? ideas? your mind? your heart? without being intimate? be it a male or a female? Name 10 people whom you could live and enjoy life to the fullest. You may not be able to answer that now with what I can see (cause duh?? I got only three!). But I am willing to wait. And if you can give me 10 names or at least 8 or 5 names whom you could do those stuff with, then I am willing to know and acknowledge them as your true friends. Until then, don’t talk to me about missing your high school friends. Do you even consider them to be of help in your future? Can you think of them as someone who will benefit from you or you from them in a win-win situation? Do you really think that they have any significance in your life? If not then leave them all and search for the kind of people who trusts you enough to be naked with without anything but friendship.”

Until now my list is 7 people short and I am in no rush to complete it. Although I wanted to share this with you…

You cannot call everybody your “friend”. Some would better suit the label “acquaintance” or “company” but only a few deserves the title for friendship. Cherish those whom you consider and those who consider you as a friend, never doubt their decisions, don’t listen to them if you do not want to, but be sure to go naked with them without shame. Love your friends as you love your body; treat your friends as you treat yourself;  and care for them like how you would care for yourself.


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