Daily Prompt: Priceless


Photo by Devanath


Tell me something money cannot buy? Tell me some stuff money cannot buy?

I’ll tell you one: accepting yourself as who you really are and never doubting it.

Another one: friends who tease and bully you to your core, laughs at you and your ridiculous problems, and nevertheless stay beside you…to bully you more and give you the best medicine in the world: laughter, no matter how insulting their jokes may be.

One more: deeper conversations. No matter how short or long they may be. It does not even matter if it is painful or the other way around, as long as it went deeper than deep, then it is priceless.

With the thousand things in this life that money cannot buy, how could you ever say you’re poor?

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

P.S. I remembered this artwork that Francis made…Life Value. I’m sorry if I can only share a link, I cannot seem to embed the code for the Instagram post. hihi.


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