A Woman of Droll Stories


It is odd…

That I, who used to know everybody and talks to anybody, is alone…

It is odd…

That I, who used to be a friend of all, is alone…

Alone with my thoughts, alone with my inside jokes

Alone in a place where everybody seems to know everyone…

Alone with my pen and paper, my first and last best of friends in this noisy crowd

I smile, not because they look at me but because I just want to

I frown, not because of sadness or any negative emotions, but because I just feel like frowning

I laugh out loud with certain people not because everything is funny but because I feel comfortable with them

I keep silent around people not because I dislike them but because I lack the words to say to them

I stare at people not because I see something wrong on them but because there are other things running inside my head and I happen to stare at someone

It is odd…

That I, who used to be cheery and noisy and caring, is now like a doll who only speaks when needed and utters words whenever she feels like it but cares less about people.

It is odd…

That with all these changes in me, I still have the strength to laugh at myself and find humor in my situation.

It is odd indeed…

That I am talking to myself again, waiting for someone to recognize the exact emotions that I have right now and tell me who I am.

via The Daily Post



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