Choosing Party Over Nationals

I am not a party person but why did I choose Acquaintance Party rather than IPMS BA Nationals?

Acquaintance Party. It thrilled me to see who’s who and who are the English people. So I just wanted to check. I may not have worn shining shimmering gowns or a fancy dress, and I may not have the best of the best of everything…but I learned a lot of things and now I know who to avoid in school (anti-social af!).

IPMS BA Nationals. I was tempted to escape Baguio, tempted to run towards a hobby that I love to the core. But what stopped me? I do not have an entry kit for Nationals. Yes yes I know I’d get to know them people better, yes yes I’d get to have that interview I have always longed for. But then as my heart beats faster with the thought of the challenge of escaping my hometown, I also had this fear that I may not want to come back home. So I stopped myself and nearly cried. I just went to say good luck to kuya Gerard as he rides the bus and head for Nationals.


I made a Tumblr blog! ha ha ha!


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