She woke up

She took a bath

She dressed lazily

She looked in the mirror

She sighed

She went out

No breakfast

No food thought

Just ideas

Just determination

Just excitement

She walked to town

She smiled at everyone

She breathed heavily

She sat down on a bench

She stared at the sky and the lake

She started to write

She endlessly wrote

Without rereading her words

Without checking what she wrote

Without second thoughts

She smiled 

She sighed

She smiled

She closed her eyes

After fifteen pages of free writing

After fifteen pages of nonsensical thoughts

She closed her notebook

She walked around the park

Her day would have ended peacefully if only people she knew didn’t see her 

Her day would have ended peacefully if only people she knew didn’t talk to her

She bumped into seven random people whom she knew from somewhere

Some saying hi and asking her whereabouts

Some saying hi and asking her for coffee

She smiled and answered them politely

She smiled and told them “some other time, sure”. 

She walked faster afraid that she might bump into more people

She saw the public pool empty

She went for a swim

She wore a cap and goggles

She wore a swimsuit she just bought

The water is cold

But nothing is colder than her heart right now

She swam for hours

She never stopped

She saw the sun preparing to bed

She went inside the shower room

Inside she let the water make the loudest noise

While she wept in a shower room cubicle

She poured her heart out in tears

Her fist pounding on her chest

She cannot stop the pain

She cannot stop herself 

After an hourcof uncontrollable crying

She dried herself and wore her clothes

She walked home talking to the moon

She arrived and nobody’s there to welcome her home

She went to the roof

She gazed upon the blissful moon

She realized she cried because she bumped into people

She realized she cried because her day didn’t go according to her plan

She sighed

She smiled back at the moon

She decided to write again

She went to bed and scribbled instead

Until she fell asleep

Until her fingers loosely held the pen

Until her last tears of the day trickled down her cheeks as she closed her eyes to sleep


A snippet of her, one day in a month. Now you know what happens to her at least once a month. Unless someone stabilizes her or balances her insanity, she drives herself to writing and isolating herself more from the world. 

Via The Daily Post


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