Freedom in Secrecy, Bliss in Sugarcoats


Dear You,

Merry Christmas!

My absence would mean that there are a million words that I would like to tell you but the screen would have given up on me before I finish. So I’ll just greet you Merry Christmas and may you enjoy the Holiday Season. It breaks my heart that I could not give you any gift this year as my hands are full of errands and I got too carried away with school concentration. I wasn’t even able to plan a fantastic Christmas Party for the club.

Oh but hey, I thought of you today and I hope that you did think of me too. I’ll be back by January-I-don’t-know-when because it’s enrollment again on the 3rd.

Being alone before Christmas Eve…I never expected this. But I do like the feeling. As if I own the world right now. No one to talk to, no one to tell me what to do even if I have too much on my plate right now. It’s freedom in secrecy and bliss in sugarcoats.

Well then, I’m cutting this short and telling you everything about my pretense vacation when I return.




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