Adios, Abril~!


riding a horse

For some reason, I came back to look at these blogs I almost left behind. I did not really leave, I just decided to have all the secrecy pocketed in the world wide web as I move on to the next level where I have created my own domain. I won’t be sharing it for now, but here I am saying… Adios, Abril~! 

You made my April as awesome as it is and I have enjoyed the ride of adventure for one hell of a month. I could not open this to my public domain as it encompasses my truest feelings. The end of semester plus the whole week of mixed and messed up emotions and feelings (I just earned those two are very different world according to Philippine Literature) for an event I looked forward to, made me insane for quite some time. Although that is recoverable, I am digging up a hole and burying all my worries deep down! Haha!

So if you ever wonder where all that drama went? It went down the hole I just made inside my head. So I hope you wouldn’t be so surprised if I am a bit aloof or away or distant from the things you ought to know that I care about.

So farewell, April…Hello, month of family affairs. May would seem to be filled with family ties and bondings, blood-related mishaps and all. Why? Everybody is present, literally E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y and literally P-R-E-S-E-N-T!!! So let me guess, messed up school schedule, messed up house schedule, messed up public masks. But all the same A-OKAY! See you all next month, folks!


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