Adventures with Fallen: Space-Staring


Alone in a bar with the 6th cup of coffee on hand while munching saucy fries on a plate and loud rowdy music in the background. Have you ever tried brainstorming like this? Well, a little girl from nowhere has and she was alone for quite some time until Fallen showed up two hours later.
Staring blankly into space, a palm of a hand waved in front of her face. She smiled. Fallen sits not across from her, which she half expects but was thrilled to have him sit beside her. She apologizes for space staring and he asked what’s up. She tells the story of how chaotic and messy life has been lately, well, for certain matters that is.
Fallen advises her to be mean. She smiles at the thought. There was a good sound to it, being said and whispered by Fallen and even if it was tempting, she is way too nice to do anything mean in reality. Their time was cut short by her need to return and face the people she needed to face. She was so nervous and deep inside she wanted him to stay. She was thinking of asking him to stay with her until she finished talking to them, but she could not say it. “Can I see you like this again?” was all she uttered as they reached the gates. “Of course, just message me…” was all he said. She smiled as she hugged him tight on his waist.
And just like that, Fallen disappeared. She went inside with the brightest smile ever, as if she was ready to face them. A half cup of confidence and a spark of happiness was present on her face the whole evening as she goes to sleep and think about how exactly she was able to talk so casually to Fallen.


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