Adventures with You: The Devil’s Language


I listened to the thunder in my heart. it commands me to move and yet it palpitates as though I just had my 12th coffee already. my body shakes as he stares at my soul. my legs tremble as he thrusts his words into me, bothering my very being all over again. he speaks fast and then slow, he makes me see myself through him. I whisper “you are insane,” and he laughs. I said “you are mad,” and he says “it is an understatement.” I say “you are crazy,” and he says “you know I am more than that.” I say “you are insane” repeatedly just because I hate the noise of silence, to cover up the overwhelming feeling I have right now. I do not know if he noticed it but this is too much for me to take. I haven’t been able to get over with what transpired over the past days: the help, the “just one bottle” moments, the casual conversations, the unnecessary touches, everything. and yet here we are in an unfamiliar environment, our minds crossing the line. You whispered somewhere along the sheets, “it is strange…” and I looked at your face and I know what you mean. Yes it is strange, to think that reality is right here, right now, yet it seems a million miles away from us. I smiled, I do not know if you noticed it but my smiles have different meanings. Our conversation ended and you said you were hungry. Everything was overwhelming at the time, like, I could not take it all in that fast. But you were preparing to go right away while am reminiscing our moments before and what we just talked about now and I wonder will our story end? Will it end now that it has touched the realms of face-to-face conversations? Will it end now that the bridge has finally collapsed and we are finally here? I do not know what your thoughts are, exactly but to me this is just like a semicolon. Like life has ended but another continues. And yes, we might be separated again for who knows how long, and even if man-made decision forces us to stay apart, I think that the story continues for both of us.

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