Beer Stories (continued): Falling in Love with Photography and A Woman Who Cannot Handle Her Drink She was pissed because she does not want to hear anything right now so she stood up and went to the photographers’ table.  A man was sitting there, looking at her blankly. She stared back in emptiness and begins... Continue Reading →


Beer Stories: A Woman Who Cannot Handle Her Drink.  "Give her a bottle of liquor and you're doomed," a brother said. "You will regret it so don't ever ever let her drink even a sip," he added.  She laughed out loud. She was not aware of her actions and words with the influence of liquor.... Continue Reading →

On Loneliness

Someone recently asked, "what do you do when you're lonely?" I would have answered, "Why not ask me what I do when I'm happy? That way the list is shorter. I might even give you a sentence or two to explain it and you don't have to sweat it." But of course I did not... Continue Reading →


I pack my suitcase I have a whole trip planned in my head The places I'll visit The coffee shops I'll stop by to The food I'll eat Meeting and living like a locale Talking their language The scent of the buildings and the air that I breath The words that I'll write The things... Continue Reading →

I found this in one of my favorite notebooks. 😀 As I watch you sleep, I couldn't help myself from smiling so wide. Your face is so peaceful that all I want to do is watch you. One day you'll grow up and mature, you'll be running away from me and play and maybe there'll... Continue Reading →

I think I had or I think I have and I think I feel that everything is real. Somehow. For I have fallen in love with a man that has no face. At night he tucks me in, whispering how sweet I am, how things will be all right, and reminds me of our little... Continue Reading →

Hello, June! Rainy days started early in May but I want to accept the annoying rain officially on June. Just because. Har har. I envy those who are having their summer right now, as I have skipped and missed it a dozen times. I haven't touched a drop of water from the swimming pool and... Continue Reading →

I stand in the middle of nowhere, waiting and not waiting for someone. I smell daisies from afar, roast chicken from somewhere, and some peanuts cooking just near me. I feel hungry but bloated, I feel irritated and uncertain, I feel nothing. Is this how it feels to have your whole heart to yourself? Am... Continue Reading →

Sipping My 6th Cup of Coffee

And counting...this is me thinking out loud during A5. There will be people who will come to your life only to leave with a grand exit. And there will always be that circle who will accept you with open arms and apparently you trash 'em out like crumpled paper. Coincidence? Intentional? Maybe yes, maybe no.... Continue Reading →

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