Two years has passed but she does not know this. Time has lost its value in her presence. Every day the prince visited her chamber to let the whole kingdom know that they are okay, that they have something sweet going on. And on his visits, he despised her for being so calm and graceful... Continue Reading →

  She fell. She fell too fast. She falls. She falls so easily. Now she's too deep she could not reach anything. She could not see the top. She could not talk. She could not see. She could not move. She cannot think. With legs numb and brain dumb as it is now, she lay... Continue Reading →

She's looking outside her window again. She loves the warmth of the sun on her skin and the wind that splashes through her hair. She closes her eyes. It's a peaceful morning that isn't totally ready to be destroyed by the banging of the doors. She looks downtown and watch as random people walks by... Continue Reading →

"Be good to yourself've got a long way to go...." She sings... She remembers a boy from way back when and his name was Rain. He was a sad fellow like his name was and he was madly and deeply in love with her. But she could not return the feelings back to him.... Continue Reading →

So that is what it felt be do things without be consumed by the dark waters and come out empty handed. So that is what it feels like to be shoved up your ass, their eyes like spears pointed at you, their flimsy mouths smirked as they look at you suffering. Your... Continue Reading →

She woke up, still dazed by her fantasies of a man she does not even know how he looked like. In her head was a figure of a tall muscled man, with a built of a guy who's often in a gym. In her head he was a knight in shining armor who'll run to... Continue Reading →

Remojiv’s Note

Once upon a summer day he sent a mail that shocked her through her bones. She wasn't expecting what was sent to her and her brain was again, messed up. ¬†you are easy to talk with and if it comes to our relationship that we would argue, I know you'll be grumpy but at your... Continue Reading →

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