Adventures with Erebus: The Caretaker

She was frantic the third time. She secretly longs for his arrival, yet she does not really expect it. Her mind was preoccupied with perfection for the whole morning that she was even palpitating over her third cup of coffee. ‘I cannot be moved,’¬†was her mantra, repeating it over and over since 3a.m. Have you ever felt so nervous you wanna stop yourself from shaking? … Continue reading Adventures with Erebus: The Caretaker

The Mad Queen

Two years has passed but she does not know this. Time has lost its value in her presence. Every day the prince visited her chamber to let the whole kingdom know that they are okay, that they have something sweet going on. And on his visits, he despised her for being so calm and graceful even though her body is scarred from the chains around … Continue reading The Mad Queen