She woke up She took a bath She dressed lazily She looked in the mirror She sighed She went out No breakfast No food thought Just ideas Just determination Just excitement She walked to town She smiled at everyone She breathed heavily She sat down on a bench She stared at the sky and the lake She started to write She endlessly wrote Without rereading … Continue reading Snippet

Midterm Exams

    Midterm Exams. My mind is blank. Pragmatics has consumed me, I therefore conclude. Pragmatics is the topic that my group will report for finals an I have been reading three books over and over again. Midterm Exams. My mind is elsewhere. My best friend is inviting me for San Juan. Where we’ll swim with her fiance and her fiance’s buddies. The invitation thrills … Continue reading Midterm Exams


Drafts Piled Up is a series of draft posts that have been stuck in my dashboard for a while now. I decided to post them now, without revising or editing them to the present tense, except editing them for the post series introductions. Surface was drafted last year 2016-08-12. What’s on the surface of it all? What’s on the surface of this world we all … Continue reading Surface