Special Passport


Where is this passport you speak of? A passport that will free us all of this damned rules? A passport that will take us to places filled of laughter and joy? I become so desperate to look for this passport. As I have plans of fleeing away from the grounds where I stand right now. As I have decided to change my life and live how I wanted from the start. As I have made up my mind on so many things and one of them is that I will do what I want. If and only I have this passport in the grasp of my fingers.

Let me take a look. If not then let me take a peek on it. If not, let me just brush my fingertips on its cover so I know how freedom feels.

From the Daily Post

I think of you fondly, passport to life

the path to a fantasy…do you really need some whizzy passport?

we travel, some of us forever

to go or not to go…just GO!

show me the passport to my heart, will ya?

the lady vanishes…as she run away with a passport on hand.


When one lacks and the other unlimited

When one seeks and the other takes it for granted

But don’t we all want our fortunes to be told as glorious and bountiful as money sounds like bells ringing in our ears?

Will you belucky with life or will you be filled with fear for the upcoming undesirable events?

Will you be blessed with a travel bag full of cash or will you be begging for the next job vacancy to fulfill your basic needs?

Luck in life or Luck in finance. Both have the same impact and effect on human emotions. Stir up a man’s mind with “fortune” and you got him under your fingernails. And who would do such things? Fortune-tellers, Deal or No Deal hosts, etc etc.

P.S. this is only a snippet thought on fortune, so.



Immerse yourself in the waters of love
Breathe in emotions like you never did before

Immerse yourself in the muddy puddle of friendship

Build relationships and don’t be afraid to trust

Immerse yourself in the galaxies

For there are people with different worlds

Immerse yourself in the skies at night

The stars shall guide your every word tonight

Immerse yourself in conversations

Let them express their innermost desires

Immerse yourself in the forests

There lies the secrets of life

**insert song: Rose and Revolutions: The Pines

>>The Daily Post


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Chaotic is her heart as her snippets roam around your mind

Chaotic as art can be in its unending peak

Chaotic as the world of politics and war

Chaotic as her mind of strings

So don’t. Do not come near. Do not come close to her. You will just get your white shirt tainted. And you sure do not want that. Come but not too close. Come but not too near. As she is poison to your lungs and thorn to your throat. Just don’t. She is chaos. She is dangerous. She is chaotic.

Come close and you shall drown. Come close and you shall be hurt. Leave. Just leave. You do not want chaos in your life. Leave her be. Let her go in her own ways and let her do her thing. Do not intervene as she will enter you deeply and leave you scarred. So don’t. You will just regret it.

Chaotic is her heart as her snippets go hand in hand with hell.

Chaotic is her mind as strings goes messy inside her brain.

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*the following text is a story based from a person's point of view, her mini life event.

I love you.

That is a hyperbole. An exaggeration of sorts. Because if it isn’t then it would mean so much more. Because if it isn’t then it would be chaos. If it isn’t then the world would see the heart of a woman in pain and we both know that we do not want that. Because you want to keep it to yourself, because you keep so much from the universe. And I do not want that either. Because everything will fall apart and the stage will burn. And if it burns the audience would leave. Don’t leave. Even if it is just a hyperbole. Let’s give them a show that they will never forget. Let us give them the greatest story ever told and eradicate all cliches of The Normal Life.

I love you. But that is a hyperbole. Do not forget that.

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It’s an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There’s a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend.

It encounters a lot of human beings, a lot of subjects to experiment on. It asks around, digs deep into human emotions without doing it on purpose. It tries to manipulate itself thinking that it can take control of itself in a world that it did not expect to consume that much of energy.

Along the journeys of this young odd being, it refuses to grow as finding out that growing means aging and wisdom and decay. Wanting to avoid such event, it stopped asking and doing stuff around the soils of Gaea. It stopped thinking completely like a dead plant. But it only became ignorant of the world after the WWII. It does not know how things work anymore or how emotions were portrayed into different media.

A decade has passed and a human being suddenly stepped on its roots. In doing so, the human awakened the sleeping child. They began talking. Deeper conversations, sharing of their own unique adventures. It became lively again, like it was reborn with not a single idea of where it came from and nothing of the world it lived in before. Looking at the universe at its present state in the eyes of the human, it became curious once more. It became too interested with everything. It easily falls for good things and events and emotions that are fastly spreading around.

But it also became too dependent from the human being. It uses his eyes and ears and feelings, letting the human being capable of everything while it enjoys the show that it did not know a seed of negativity is growing somewhere at the back of the yard. Without notiing this, the seed grew into a leaf and into a tree. They both saw the tree and danced around it, rejoicing and laughing that a new life has been created near their lives. Littledd they know that the tree would be the cause of their tragic fates.

The human has started to feel awkward and  becomes aggressive. While it becomes too curious of deeper emotions and questions every action. Until they come to a point where they realizes that they are somehow attracted to each other. But “it” was the first one to regain control and weeps in silence. It slowly disappeared from the human being so as to avoid confusion. It ran away from the human being and wandered the earth more without any companion.

It felt subdued as it wanders. With a pale face and a body weaker than a leaf, it crumbled to dust as it says goodbye to the present year and hello to eternal life.


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Easy to trust, easy to open up. Easy to get advantage of, easy to get acquainted.
Easy to trust, easy to break. Easy to cry, easy to lean on someone.

Trust. The thing that makes a human being, human. 

Trust that gains power. Trust that breaks a soul. Trust that makes a person go haywire. 

Trust. That leads one’s heart somewhere. That leads one’s shoes around the world.

Once broken, it is so hard to put the pieces back. But one trusts too easy, so even when broken, one trusts more and more until it can trust no more…
The Daily Post


Passion: Rambling?

It’s supposed to be “Pop! Goes the weasel…”. But it’s Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I can’t afford to think of anything right now. A lot is on my plate, a lot is going on lately. There’s a never-ending list of favors from people that I’ve said “yes” to, without second thoughts. I know it’s too late to back out but the thrill and the challenge? That’s priceless. That’s what keeps me alive, doing so many things. But what if my body gives up? Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I never had the courage to say that “I can” do this, do that, do this, do whatever. But lately, I don’t know what made me start saying “yes” to everything. Aha! Remember that movie? But I won’t compare this to that. Haha. Anyways, sorry for the rambling. It’d just that my title is so cute I can’t just ignore it. Hahaha. 

Plop! The idea goes, bye bye! 



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There is something in your eyes that makes my heart race. Something in the way you look, something that I cannot escape from. When you stare at a distance as if someone was caught lying and I fear that you might see through me. But wouldn’t that be a good thing for me? That you would know how special you are to me just by looking at me? I guess not.

No, not now. Not now that you’re starting to get close to me. Not now when you’re slowly confiding in me. Oh please don’t look at me. You might be surprised of what you can see in me. The things I want to share with you, the things I want to do for you. Please just let me be behind you. I will just watch over you and that beautiful eyes. I will stay behind you so that when someone pushes you back I will be there to push you forward. I will be the cushion you’ll lay your tired body on, I will be whatever you wish, just don’t look at me.

That eyes of yours. It is as striking as the sun at midday and as calming as the moon at night. That eyes of yours. It makes my heart race at the same time soothes my soul. Let me look at them longer. Let me be the one to look at you.

When the right time comes, look at me. Dig deep into me and you’ll see. That what I have for you is real. That my heart desires only for you and your happiness. Look at me until you’re tired, I will be okay.

Just let me be right now. For the moment, let me stare at your back. Don’t look back. I’ll be damned if you do.

Eyes from The Daily Post

the window to our souls

the art of seeing though things

in love with those aqua eyes

close your eyes and let me lead the way

“those eyes!”

I love you to the moon and back!

you can never fool the eyes of a woman



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“You do not even have to kiss me,” she told him. “Just take the moon from me.”


“Take the moon.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Watch,” said Zorya Polunochnaya. She raised her left hand and held it in front of the moon so that her forefinger and thumb seemed to be grasping it. Then, in one smooth movement, she plucked at it. For a moment, it looked like she had taken the moon from the sky, but then Shadow saw that the moon shone still, and Zorya Poluchnaya opened her hand to display a silver Liberty-head dollar resting between finger and thumb.

~ American Gods, Neil Gaiman

I read that very part from American Gods today. I was caught up in how the moon was treated in romance. I am in awe as I reread and write those words above. And to be honest, I love the moon!

There were times in my past when I was alone with the moon. Me talking and gazing up at that medium-sized sometimes large ball of white in the midnight blue blanket above us. And the moon staring back at me, listening to my never-ending ramblings of the day. Oh, what a day! Oh, what a night! We often have long conversations but of course, it is kind of one-sided as you know it. But other times it feels like it is talking back to me. Am I going insane? Maybe. But that is how I feel.

When the sky is clear and we’re on our way home late at night, I open my window car and breathe the cool air and feel the wind on my skin while closing my eyes, and seeing the moon as I open them to it. I smile at nights like that because the moment cannot be captured by a photograph or any recording devices. I smile because that moment is mine and mine alone to cherish and enjoy.

And then at times, the moon seemed too near and streaks of orange filled the sky above. I stare at it and wonder, how do I change like that? How do I become one amazing white ball like a golf ball to an awesome large orange ball like a painting in the sky?

Don’t you love the moon romantically too?

Moon from TDP

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