I have been better like peanut butter jelly on loaf always come with honey and lemon tea. And though I don’t know the connection I still said those out loud just because it sounded nonesense at the same time it’s cute.  I had been summuned for an emergency meeting only to come home with more homework to do. Mixed up feelings like nervousness and excitement, … Continue reading Better


Fortune When one lacks and the other unlimited When one seeks and the other takes it for granted But don’t we all want our fortunes to be told as glorious and bountiful as money sounds like bells ringing in our ears? Will you belucky with life or will you be filled with fear for the upcoming undesirable events? Will you be blessed with a travel … Continue reading Fortune


Immerse yourself in the waters of love Breathe in emotions like you never did before Immerse yourself in the muddy puddle of friendship Build relationships and don’t be afraid to trust Immerse yourself in the galaxies For there are people with different worlds Immerse yourself in the skies at night The stars shall guide your every word tonight Immerse yourself in conversations Let them express … Continue reading Immerse


A photo posted by samnig (@samuealnigussie) on Nov 2, 2016 at 9:34pm PDT   Chaotic is her heart as her snippets roam around your mind Chaotic as art can be in its unending peak Chaotic as the world of politics and war Chaotic as her mind of strings So don’t. Do not come near. Do not come close to her. You will just get your … Continue reading Chaotic


*the following text is a story based from a person’s point of view, her mini life event. I love you. That is a hyperbole. An exaggeration of sorts. Because if it isn’t then it would mean so much more. Because if it isn’t then it would be chaos. If it isn’t then the world would see the heart of a woman in pain and we … Continue reading Hyperbole


It’s an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There’s a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend. It encounters a lot of human beings, a lot of subjects to experiment on. It … Continue reading Subdued


Easy to trust, easy to open up. Easy to get advantage of, easy to get acquainted. Easy to trust, easy to break. Easy to cry, easy to lean on someone. Trust. The thing that makes a human being, human.  Trust that gains power. Trust that breaks a soul. Trust that makes a person go haywire.  Trust. That leads one’s heart somewhere. That leads one’s shoes … Continue reading Trust


It’s supposed to be “Pop! Goes the weasel…”. But it’s Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha. I can’t afford to think of anything right now. A lot is on my plate, a lot is going on lately. There’s a never-ending list of favors from people that I’ve said “yes” to, without second thoughts. I know it’s too late to back out but the thrill and the challenge? That’s … Continue reading Plop!