When one lacks and the other unlimited

When one seeks and the other takes it for granted

But don’t we all want our fortunes to be told as glorious and bountiful as money sounds like bells ringing in our ears?

Will you belucky with life or will you be filled with fear for the upcoming undesirable events?

Will you be blessed with a travel bag full of cash or will you be begging for the next job vacancy to fulfill your basic needs?

Luck in life or Luck in finance. Both have the same impact and effect on human emotions. Stir up a man’s mind with “fortune” and you got him under your fingernails. And who would do such things? Fortune-tellers, Deal or No Deal hosts, etc etc.

P.S. this is only a snippet thought on fortune, so.


Questions Passed By

Are you going to wait for a family member to die before you gather round the table and talk? Are you going to wait for your people to leave one by one before you decide you needed them all to fix the problems? Are you going to wait for the world to know that you’re using people for money before you change your ways?
So many questions and a hell lot of different answers. But where do I looke for answers when the people involved are nowhere and everywhere to be found?

Are you going to continue living a lie when you know how painful it is to carry the earth on your shoulders? Are you going to say the words even if it is meaningless and empty? Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the things you think is good for your life? Or…are you going to risk everything and embrace adventure to its fullest?


Smile 10,000 Times


Hello, how are you guys? I apologize for being absent from the Daily Posts lately. I’ve been prepping up my blog for something new. I will be launching two blogs soon! Two blogs as of now, because I think another one would come out of the blue.

Yes, yes, starting a blog, and maintaining it and all is not easy. Blogging is not easy. If you think it is not easy, then it will never be. Right? So what is with my title today? Ha ha. I just made my emotions at the moment my title. Yes, I am smiling and it feels like 10,000 smiles already. Why? Because I am about to launch a blog. Who would not love that? It does not matter how easy or difficult it is, I am doing what I want.

But of course, I won’t tell you what the blog url is right now. I am still doing some adjustments to it before everything else. Question? Will I still be around even with a self-hosted WordPress blog? Certainly. This is like my online Diary, from another world to yours. I wouldn’t want to just end the pages.

Anyways, catch you up later with more Daily Posts!



Everything is countless! Unlimited!

Problems, arguments, doubts, chaos, politics, wars, hatred, anger, revenge, ignorance…and many other things from the dark side.

But so are…

Blessings, opportunities, chances, love, friendships, relationships, care, knowledge, understanding, courage, strength, motivation, inspiration…and many other things from the bright side.

It all depends on you. It depends what and how you see and deal with things, circumstances, events. You hold what is countless for you. You have control on your angels and demons. And sometimes we may not notice that either consumes us more than we planned it to. But whether it does go beyond our limits or not, we have the final card. We choose whether it should stop now or let it go on.

My mind is afloat, again. When is it not, anyways? I drift from our house to the plain fields kissed by the rising sun. On the road, I hear voices. And they’re talking about how useless a certain person is. I ignore it. I tolerate everything. Not because I can but because I do not want to add the darkness inside. Countless are the times I go into silence. Countless are the nights I lie awake and think about how silent I should be, how calm should I be when I hear people complain. Countless are the things that bother me. I know some of you feel the same way. But countless are the solutions we all have. The world is so full of it that we have a remedy to the countless things that we have in our heads.

My point is…however countless the dark side is, do not ever forget that the night may be dark but the stars that shine so bright are countless that it may surpass the darkness by numbers.

And here we go with interesting finds for today’s prompt

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Saga: a long and complicated story with many details; a long and complicated series of events


So would it be nice and fun to call my life a saga? Ha ha. A few things that I could tell you about the past that can be considered as part of my life saga…

Because I am not a kid anymore… I remember having nightmares and that we have to move from one place to another every time something does not go right.

Because I am not a teenager anymore… I slapped guys for no reason, I shout and laugh like a hooligan, I cried a lot for a lot of reasons, and I act like a boy by being strong and brave enough to face a bully, carrying heavy things like a a gasoline tank and water gallons.

Because I am not wild anymore… I introduce myself to strangers just because, I befriend everybody yet considers a few to be real friends, I keep so many wild secrets in my head, I say the first thing that comes up in my brain without thinking first, I hurt people verbally and I really do not regret it, I watch korean novellas and  compare and almost re-enact them in real life.

And of course in between those lines are a lot more in to them, words and events that are best hidden than to be told. I guess that’s what a saga would be with all the thrills and suspense in one’s life…


If you would like me to continue and detail it more, tell me so. In the comment box below, on Facebook, or Twitter, or Viber. Social Media has a lot of platforms out there where you could connect with me.

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Monday Speed Typing

Haven’t been posting lately and can only post short ones due to the overwhelming events that occurred in my life recently.

All I can say is that…



My life has turned upside down last week and the past few days have proven to be such an adventure.


I can only post a picture of mine and these are the faces of me when I am at the peak of an iceberg or not really.

This week will be a lot of traveling, training, meeting yet another group of new people, and eating less to remove the excess of everything, soul and body matter-of-fact speaking.

I hope you have a wonderful week and hoping to blog more regularly after this moment of haze in my head. Good luck to us all! Oh and if you have post requests or anything you’d like me to share on the blog, just leave a comment or mail me at

I will be waiting!




“Scars. Scars. Scars. Scars. Scars.
The scars in your heart, dear. They are too deep to heal. It isn’t a normal wound. It isn’t a simple hit and run and you’re okay after a hospital visit. It isn’t something that people usually see. But I see you. Clear as ice.

I see your pain. I see those deep blue eyes searching for the beautiful sunset. I see those scars etched inside you. When I touch you I feel all the suffering. Your bruised palms. Your undeniable reaction of fear from touch. The great wall you have created around you. The vines you have covered it and the flowers that secretly bloomed for you. But you stayed inside that wall of yours. Unreadable scars. You have created a kingdom of isolation.

Let me hold you. Let me tear those walls little by little. Let me be the one to slowly and smoothly heal those scars. I am not doing this because I have to. I am here, and I am doing this because I want to. All you have to do is look at me and let me do the things that should be done. Those scars of yours shall be dry marks that we can easily ignore. Just trust me. And everything will be alright….”

A New Beginning

There are always second chances, third and fourth even. So here I am again, betting my nth chance at blogging. A new beginning to start afresh just like fireworks on a new year.

Now. April is coming and we all know it’s both mine and hub’s birth month. And right now, I have no idea what to do about giveaways and contests or just giving to the community. You might think that I’m a wannabe helper or a trying hard copycat who wants to show off by helping people. But no. It’s a mere resolution. It’s plain helping, no hidden vendettas. I gotta think fast on that. Or maybe you could save me the time and help me with ideas to help others? 🙂

Another thing is that my writing skills are slowly deteriorating and it’s ugly. One of my goals in 2016 is to improve my writing soul. And blogging while reading and writing with pen and paper are my present solution.

And then there’s drama. Life as we know it has its own way of digging into us with all its dramatical errors to shape us or just to mess with us. With this, I am on the hunt for an odd dramatic life story to share with the world. Do you have one? Feel free to send me a mail (oh I love emails!) and we’ll talk about it.