Hola, Abril!

So here I am at 2 on a Saturday morning saying Adios Marso!!! Hola, Abril!!!!
Looking back to March, I can only smile so wide. A lot of realizations. A lot of experiences! How did we ever survive together, March? 😀

As to April…I sigh at the same time laugh out loud I cannot keep how cheerful I am. I only have ten or fewer than ten days of free time. What to do with those days, I wonder? But let’s welcome April first with a few songs I’m listening to lately. These songs go through me ina deeper way, like it talks to me directly. So I hope you listen to them today, as April Fools Day is on the Rise but am not playing today. I have a hectic schedule.

Special Passport


Where is this passport you speak of? A passport that will free us all of this damned rules? A passport that will take us to places filled of laughter and joy? I become so desperate to look for this passport. As I have plans of fleeing away from the grounds where I stand right now. As I have decided to change my life and live how I wanted from the start. As I have made up my mind on so many things and one of them is that I will do what I want. If and only I have this passport in the grasp of my fingers.

Let me take a look. If not then let me take a peek on it. If not, let me just brush my fingertips on its cover so I know how freedom feels.

From the Daily Post

I think of you fondly, passport to life

the path to a fantasy…do you really need some whizzy passport?

we travel, some of us forever

to go or not to go…just GO!

show me the passport to my heart, will ya?

the lady vanishes…as she run away with a passport on hand.



image via: Geo Mabitazan Garcia


“You do not even have to kiss me,” she told him. “Just take the moon from me.”


“Take the moon.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Watch,” said Zorya Polunochnaya. She raised her left hand and held it in front of the moon so that her forefinger and thumb seemed to be grasping it. Then, in one smooth movement, she plucked at it. For a moment, it looked like she had taken the moon from the sky, but then Shadow saw that the moon shone still, and Zorya Poluchnaya opened her hand to display a silver Liberty-head dollar resting between finger and thumb.

~ American Gods, Neil Gaiman

I read that very part from American Gods today. I was caught up in how the moon was treated in romance. I am in awe as I reread and write those words above. And to be honest, I love the moon!

There were times in my past when I was alone with the moon. Me talking and gazing up at that medium-sized sometimes large ball of white in the midnight blue blanket above us. And the moon staring back at me, listening to my never-ending ramblings of the day. Oh, what a day! Oh, what a night! We often have long conversations but of course, it is kind of one-sided as you know it. But other times it feels like it is talking back to me. Am I going insane? Maybe. But that is how I feel.

When the sky is clear and we’re on our way home late at night, I open my window car and breathe the cool air and feel the wind on my skin while closing my eyes, and seeing the moon as I open them to it. I smile at nights like that because the moment cannot be captured by a photograph or any recording devices. I smile because that moment is mine and mine alone to cherish and enjoy.

And then at times, the moon seemed too near and streaks of orange filled the sky above. I stare at it and wonder, how do I change like that? How do I become one amazing white ball like a golf ball to an awesome large orange ball like a painting in the sky?

Don’t you love the moon romantically too?

Moon from TDP

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Understanding a Complicated Mind

Crazy woman

How can one understand a complicated mind? How can one tolerate a mind whose desires and wishes are out of the ordinary? How can one love and care for another with a wild and wide imagination?

I can only laugh. There is no greater person than the one who can rstand, tolerate, and love a person with a complicated mind and brain. Do you know anyone like that? I’d want to know someone like that, and I’d celebrate his or her rare personality.

Sorry, that’s all I can say for today’s prompt. My week ended with a hyped up brain here, again, so. I cannot think straight. Am only thinking about myself right now. I have to sleep. It is another page of my life in a few hours and I should be prepared for that. You should too.

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Everything is countless! Unlimited!

Problems, arguments, doubts, chaos, politics, wars, hatred, anger, revenge, ignorance…and many other things from the dark side.

But so are…

Blessings, opportunities, chances, love, friendships, relationships, care, knowledge, understanding, courage, strength, motivation, inspiration…and many other things from the bright side.

It all depends on you. It depends what and how you see and deal with things, circumstances, events. You hold what is countless for you. You have control on your angels and demons. And sometimes we may not notice that either consumes us more than we planned it to. But whether it does go beyond our limits or not, we have the final card. We choose whether it should stop now or let it go on.

My mind is afloat, again. When is it not, anyways? I drift from our house to the plain fields kissed by the rising sun. On the road, I hear voices. And they’re talking about how useless a certain person is. I ignore it. I tolerate everything. Not because I can but because I do not want to add the darkness inside. Countless are the times I go into silence. Countless are the nights I lie awake and think about how silent I should be, how calm should I be when I hear people complain. Countless are the things that bother me. I know some of you feel the same way. But countless are the solutions we all have. The world is so full of it that we have a remedy to the countless things that we have in our heads.

My point is…however countless the dark side is, do not ever forget that the night may be dark but the stars that shine so bright are countless that it may surpass the darkness by numbers.

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A Grain of Thought


A grain of thought, for you and for me and the entire human race…

Am a little off today because I was thinking about how open I was with the world, just recently. I am surprised and nearly paralised with the thought that I haven’t been myself while being myself altogether. How’s that? I am not sure. Anyways…

A grain of thought…

There’s a certain grain of thought that I would like to impart with the people I encounter. If only they would listen, if only they would believe, if only they would take risks. Then the world be a little less chaotic. Then life would be as simple as a yes or no series of events. So what is this I want them to have a knowledge of?

Open-mindedness to everything and taking risks is all worth it. It does not matter when you fall, when you fail. You just have to get up and move along to the next opportunity. The next chance of grabbing your dreams and living the way you wanted. Because life was made to fail and we were made to learn from it. But everyone seems to be so focused on the limited photographs of life that they ignore the ugly ones, they put them aside and move along to the known and common path. If only we all took the less-traveled path then it wpu;dn’t be called like that, then we would all be risk-takers and we would all learn from each other.

Now wouldn’t that be such a grain for everyone?


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We come through many phases and in each phase is a different face. There’s a phase where you’re looking for yourself, looking for who you are and what you’re made for. There’s a phase where you are so in love with something but after that phase it wouldn’t really matter to you that as if you haven’t even liked that something that you loved. It’s just because you are in that phase that you were so in love with it. But it differs, in every person, whether a phase stays for just a while or if it stays longer than anticipated.

But whatever phase you are in right now, it only means you are improving. If you’re not, then something is wrong with you. Understanding phases, you need first to understand yourself. Without knowing who you are and what you are capable of, you wouldn’t understand the phases you’ve been through, the phases you’re facing, and the phases that you will be going through in the future.

In short, know yourself. Before anything else.

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Saga: a long and complicated story with many details; a long and complicated series of events


So would it be nice and fun to call my life a saga? Ha ha. A few things that I could tell you about the past that can be considered as part of my life saga…

Because I am not a kid anymore… I remember having nightmares and that we have to move from one place to another every time something does not go right.

Because I am not a teenager anymore… I slapped guys for no reason, I shout and laugh like a hooligan, I cried a lot for a lot of reasons, and I act like a boy by being strong and brave enough to face a bully, carrying heavy things like a a gasoline tank and water gallons.

Because I am not wild anymore… I introduce myself to strangers just because, I befriend everybody yet considers a few to be real friends, I keep so many wild secrets in my head, I say the first thing that comes up in my brain without thinking first, I hurt people verbally and I really do not regret it, I watch korean novellas and  compare and almost re-enact them in real life.

And of course in between those lines are a lot more in to them, words and events that are best hidden than to be told. I guess that’s what a saga would be with all the thrills and suspense in one’s life…


If you would like me to continue and detail it more, tell me so. In the comment box below, on Facebook, or Twitter, or Viber. Social Media has a lot of platforms out there where you could connect with me.

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Diverse Part 2


Let’s say…
Scale Modeling.
I tried a gundam from the caravan at Toy Kingdom. I liked it. I enjoyed it. I never knew that I would be so into the work that I wanted to finish the details and all. Inside me, it is a…WOW! I am in love.

And then comes the event. The Twelfth IPMS Baguio Invitationals “Edge of Time”. A little bit of roaming around the glass containers where all the little things reside. Gundams, Zoids, Battle Ships, Aircraft…Planes and tanks and all military stuff. Sinking it all in is overwhelming, let alone observing the tini-tiny details of each piece. Oh wow. This is the real thing.

I approached a guy on the 1st day. Asked him what IPMS is. I just have to know what it means. I cannot just go barging in like some V.I.P. who wants to be “in” with my p.js. hahaha! So i went home and researched a bit.

IPMS~ International Plastic Modelers Society

Started in UK since 1963. That is all I need to know. I have to be in the field to get the feels. So I came back the next day. I was early and saw a guy, alone at the stage, tinkering a plane. I watched, asked a few questions, and voila I am in love with IPMS. Signed a form, paid my first annual fee, and observed and learned from the man I was watching. I was in awe. Pure bliss. In the moment. I could not keep my eyes from the plane and the details. Stayed there for seven hours and learned a lot. At the end of the day, that is the only time I figured he was the Vise President of IPMS Baguio!

I wasn’t there the next day. We had a trip to Lepanto, Mankayan, Benguet. Roundtrip so that was nice. The next day I was early again. This time he was finished with the plane and an Iron Man figure in combat version, and is now on with a chopper. But another man was going to tinker a tank so I have to observe others too. I went at his table to observe. I have to learn everything I can before starting on my own.

It was a lot to take in. But it was worth all the space I have in my brain.

Observe. Observe. Observe. The details. The way they hold their tools. They way they stroke their brushes. The way they talk. The way they manage things. The way they start their modeling kits. They way they show how and what they do. All of it, all of the details and things you cab learn from them…it is all craft, unique to each and everyone of them, different from one another. One modeler is a whole new package, a whole new adventure.

On the last day of the event, the president gave me a Lockheed Martin F16CJ, Block 50, Fighting Falcon. My very first modeling kit. My very first project. I am so excited I cannot help myself from jumping like a rabbit. And then I realized I was in public. Oops. Childish act alert! Haha. So I went to buy my first tools that day. Not yet complete but at least I started to purchase what I need.


In this hobby, you need a lot of character. Me? I just need focus and determination. I have so many inspiration in starting such hobby and although people are telling me that I might get bored, I might get exhausted and tired and weary, burnt out and everything. I am up for the challenge. I am challenging myself that I won’t be the one to get burnt out along the way.

Monday Speed Typing

Haven’t been posting lately and can only post short ones due to the overwhelming events that occurred in my life recently.

All I can say is that…



My life has turned upside down last week and the past few days have proven to be such an adventure.


I can only post a picture of mine and these are the faces of me when I am at the peak of an iceberg or not really.

This week will be a lot of traveling, training, meeting yet another group of new people, and eating less to remove the excess of everything, soul and body matter-of-fact speaking.

I hope you have a wonderful week and hoping to blog more regularly after this moment of haze in my head. Good luck to us all! Oh and if you have post requests or anything you’d like me to share on the blog, just leave a comment or mail me at hersnippets@gmail.com

I will be waiting!