Special Passport


Where is this passport you speak of? A passport that will free us all of this damned rules? A passport that will take us to places filled of laughter and joy? I become so desperate to look for this passport. As I have plans of fleeing away from the grounds where I stand right now. As I have decided to change my life and live how I wanted from the start. As I have made up my mind on so many things and one of them is that I will do what I want. If and only I have this passport in the grasp of my fingers.

Let me take a look. If not then let me take a peek on it. If not, let me just brush my fingertips on its cover so I know how freedom feels.

From the Daily Post

I think of you fondly, passport to life

the path to a fantasy…do you really need some whizzy passport?

we travel, some of us forever

to go or not to go…just GO!

show me the passport to my heart, will ya?

the lady vanishes…as she run away with a passport on hand.


Immerse yourself in the waters of love
Breathe in emotions like you never did before

Immerse yourself in the muddy puddle of friendship

Build relationships and don’t be afraid to trust

Immerse yourself in the galaxies

For there are people with different worlds

Immerse yourself in the skies at night

The stars shall guide your every word tonight

Immerse yourself in conversations

Let them express their innermost desires

Immerse yourself in the forests

There lies the secrets of life

**insert song: Rose and Revolutions: The Pines

>>The Daily Post


Dear Reader,

You are invited to a banquet of royalties, a feast for the one and only HER. The said occasion will be held in HERWorld with HERSnipperts for you to uncover. The said royalties include her ideals, her people like Remojiv, the prince, the king, and her captor, the thug. You will be able to meet her person, her fears, her impossible encounters. And this would be held on the 4th full moon of the year, where the moon is too near on earth and is tainted red.

If in case, you cannot come, please do tell in advance as early as 2 full moons beforehand. So she can remove your special spot in her banquet, a seat she reserved for you, a seat where your name is embarked on it and was specially made for you. Whatever your reasons may be for not attending, please do take note and put it in words she can understand so as not to make her your suspicious neighbor.

Again, you are invited to this banquet of royalties with HERMind thinking that you will come. If you do come, you are expected to wear your best clothes: YOURSELF. If you are coming in a suit and tie or a gown, you will be banned from this particular occasion as a first-degree warning that HERHeart is doubtful of you and your presence in the upcoming events in HERWorld.


—-> Cheery-Secretary-of-HER

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Chaotic is her heart as her snippets roam around your mind

Chaotic as art can be in its unending peak

Chaotic as the world of politics and war

Chaotic as her mind of strings

So don’t. Do not come near. Do not come close to her. You will just get your white shirt tainted. And you sure do not want that. Come but not too close. Come but not too near. As she is poison to your lungs and thorn to your throat. Just don’t. She is chaos. She is dangerous. She is chaotic.

Come close and you shall drown. Come close and you shall be hurt. Leave. Just leave. You do not want chaos in your life. Leave her be. Let her go in her own ways and let her do her thing. Do not intervene as she will enter you deeply and leave you scarred. So don’t. You will just regret it.

Chaotic is her heart as her snippets go hand in hand with hell.

Chaotic is her mind as strings goes messy inside her brain.

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*the following text is a story based from a person's point of view, her mini life event.

I love you.

That is a hyperbole. An exaggeration of sorts. Because if it isn’t then it would mean so much more. Because if it isn’t then it would be chaos. If it isn’t then the world would see the heart of a woman in pain and we both know that we do not want that. Because you want to keep it to yourself, because you keep so much from the universe. And I do not want that either. Because everything will fall apart and the stage will burn. And if it burns the audience would leave. Don’t leave. Even if it is just a hyperbole. Let’s give them a show that they will never forget. Let us give them the greatest story ever told and eradicate all cliches of The Normal Life.

I love you. But that is a hyperbole. Do not forget that.

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It’s an odd story that takes place in a city in a mountain. There’s a young odd being, curious of the world around. Too many questions for a child and too many things to explore. It wanders around like a free soul, searching for answers even an adult cannot comprehend.

It encounters a lot of human beings, a lot of subjects to experiment on. It asks around, digs deep into human emotions without doing it on purpose. It tries to manipulate itself thinking that it can take control of itself in a world that it did not expect to consume that much of energy.

Along the journeys of this young odd being, it refuses to grow as finding out that growing means aging and wisdom and decay. Wanting to avoid such event, it stopped asking and doing stuff around the soils of Gaea. It stopped thinking completely like a dead plant. But it only became ignorant of the world after the WWII. It does not know how things work anymore or how emotions were portrayed into different media.

A decade has passed and a human being suddenly stepped on its roots. In doing so, the human awakened the sleeping child. They began talking. Deeper conversations, sharing of their own unique adventures. It became lively again, like it was reborn with not a single idea of where it came from and nothing of the world it lived in before. Looking at the universe at its present state in the eyes of the human, it became curious once more. It became too interested with everything. It easily falls for good things and events and emotions that are fastly spreading around.

But it also became too dependent from the human being. It uses his eyes and ears and feelings, letting the human being capable of everything while it enjoys the show that it did not know a seed of negativity is growing somewhere at the back of the yard. Without notiing this, the seed grew into a leaf and into a tree. They both saw the tree and danced around it, rejoicing and laughing that a new life has been created near their lives. Littledd they know that the tree would be the cause of their tragic fates.

The human has started to feel awkward and  becomes aggressive. While it becomes too curious of deeper emotions and questions every action. Until they come to a point where they realizes that they are somehow attracted to each other. But “it” was the first one to regain control and weeps in silence. It slowly disappeared from the human being so as to avoid confusion. It ran away from the human being and wandered the earth more without any companion.

It felt subdued as it wanders. With a pale face and a body weaker than a leaf, it crumbled to dust as it says goodbye to the present year and hello to eternal life.


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Easy to trust, easy to open up. Easy to get advantage of, easy to get acquainted.
Easy to trust, easy to break. Easy to cry, easy to lean on someone.

Trust. The thing that makes a human being, human. 

Trust that gains power. Trust that breaks a soul. Trust that makes a person go haywire. 

Trust. That leads one’s heart somewhere. That leads one’s shoes around the world.

Once broken, it is so hard to put the pieces back. But one trusts too easy, so even when broken, one trusts more and more until it can trust no more…
The Daily Post


​You promised to be there

You promised to be everywhere

But when I looked 

You weren’t there

You weren’t anywhere

You promised the moon

You promised the sun

I only wanted your presence

Only to find the moon and sun and your absence

You promised so many things

You promised nothing else

I searched for your words

I searched for a strand of you or your presence

And I ended up empty-handed

I ended up in a lost land
Curse you and your promises

Damned is the one who invented such word

I do not need such word

I do not need anything

You can take your words with you

They are just words and nothing else



Passion: Rambling?

It’s supposed to be “Pop! Goes the weasel…”. But it’s Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I can’t afford to think of anything right now. A lot is on my plate, a lot is going on lately. There’s a never-ending list of favors from people that I’ve said “yes” to, without second thoughts. I know it’s too late to back out but the thrill and the challenge? That’s priceless. That’s what keeps me alive, doing so many things. But what if my body gives up? Plop! Goes ideas…hahaha.

I never had the courage to say that “I can” do this, do that, do this, do whatever. But lately, I don’t know what made me start saying “yes” to everything. Aha! Remember that movie? But I won’t compare this to that. Haha. Anyways, sorry for the rambling. It’d just that my title is so cute I can’t just ignore it. Hahaha. 

Plop! The idea goes, bye bye! 



Obsessed. With you. With words. With love. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe for others it is. But obsession takes a place in my heart like no other. For me, being obsessed is being addicted. So am I addicted to you? to words? to love? Possible.

If we’re gonna talk about being obsessed, then let me tell you my obsessions as of the moment.

I don’t know why but I am obsessed with sad classical music, with that deep, dark music, with the high and low rise of tempo, like someone is running after you. I’ve been listening more and more of it lately. I’m looking for it, begging for it, every single time. I listen and I cry. But most of the time it soothes my racy heart. I close my eyes and all I can see is this fast-paced thuds of what’s inside me. It seems to be always ahead of me and I cannot keep up with it.

I am obsessed with words that I keep on writing even without sense. I just love to see that I’ve written a lengthy paragraph or two. I look at it but I don’t actually read it. Because of the fear that I might not be able to share it or in other words publish it. I fear that I might delete it after reading it. I fear that I won’t be able to see something I’ve done in such long sentences with those many words inscribed in it. I might regret everything after reading it.

I am obsessed with love and love in itself. I crave for it. Well, not that I don’t have it. Not that I lack in terms of it. But I just love hearing about a love story, be it happy or tragic. I love it when people come to me for help on that topic. I’m not saying I am an expert on it, but I just love giving advices. I don’t know how but I end up right and I end up helping the person who needs help. I usually base everything by how I want it to go, by instincts, and by how I believe on would act accordingly. And magically it just happens, I end up right on with my decisions and my conclusions. I get a relief feeling that what I said was right. But I always get my own issues wrong. haha.

I am obsessed with you. Who does not know what life is. With you who makes me want to write more. It’s like I want to spoon feed you with thoughts, with knowledge, with common sense but mostly with nonesense stuff. I am obsessed with being with you. I want to know how your day went. I want to know every detail of what’s inside that brain of yours. Because I just love knowing something for a moment and then letting it go. I let go of everything I hold on to for some time. So let me be obsessed with you even for just a while. This will pass, I tell you. And you won’t even see me when I let you go.

When people get obsessed with something or someone, they appear to be creepy and overly attached to what they are obsessed with. But my kind of obsession is like, just being happy for something or someone and leaves it at that.On to the next thing. I crave for adventure, for challenge, for the thrill of things. I get obsessed with something new or someone new who comes along. I get so interested and then I just…poof! I just vanish all of a sudden. Because I cannot be too attached for a long period of time. When it happens it’s not obsession anymore. It’s more of like clinging on to something that does not exist. It’s an emptiness in a higher level. So I choose to be obsessed. For a short period of time. With things that can easily go without any notice.

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