A Woman of Droll Stories

It is odd... That I, who used to know everybody and talks to anybody, is alone... It is odd... That I, who used to be a friend of all, is alone... Alone with my thoughts, alone with my inside jokes Alone in a place where everybody seems to know everyone... Alone with my pen and …

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Not Trusting Anymore, Ever!

Sometimes watching Suits pays off. You get to be so lawful and you become too observant for your average I.Q.. But there are times that when you experience things and you cannot help but become Harvey Specter or Mike Ross once in a while, you get hurt and you feel so down you don't wanna …

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Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth Happy Monday, all! Wishing your weekends have been dazzling as I am back to my cheery old self. I mean not totally back, but slowly...slowly going back...to a cheery happy joyful side of me. Redundant it may seem but I don't care. Anyways... Like …

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