J for Delivery!

I took this trip just so I could talk to trees. I took this trip because my boredom strikes once more and nothing interests me as of late. I took this trip because I feel the need of being on the road before I get murdered (metaphor). I took this trip as a means to …

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I pack my suitcase I have a whole trip planned in my head The places I'll visit The coffee shops I'll stop by to The food I'll eat Meeting and living like a locale Talking their language The scent of the buildings and the air that I breath The words that I'll write The things …

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"Come stroll with me in my mind. Come stroll with me here, dear." He said, smiling and offering his hand. "You're funny. You are too far away. How will I ever get there? Will you be paying for my fare?" She giggled. "Of course not. I'll come home and we'll swim together going back here." …

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